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We’re passionate about practicing safe aesthetics

Mediela Aesthetics is a doctor led clinic offering 1:1 personalised consultations for your own tailored beauty enhancement plan

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We take pride in how we do our work.

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We are


We only offer services from licensed and insured doctors who are trained and competent.

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We value

quality service.

Our team will extensively discuss the best treatments for and will only offer you natural looking enhancements.

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We care

about comfort and care.

Our practitioners are trained to deliver the best quality care tailored for you.

We specialise in botox and natural fillers

  • Preventative treatments with Botox
  • Botox for upper and lower face
  • Natural looking lip enhancements
  • High quality products
  • Committed to providing clinically safe, hygienic treaments
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Book your consultation with one of our doctors today! Our expert doctors will tailor a natural enhancement service with you. You will discuss the risks and benefits and receive advice on the safest and most effective services specific to you.

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